Which is correct? 6 votes B: (As for) me, (I haven't seen the film) either. Does neither take a singular or plural verb? But that "rule" is not noted much nowadays.   Report Abuse. Phoebe, knowing her lies said, “me neither!”. Either ways, we're hoping that this feature be available within the month across all Gmail accounts to see whether the buttons actually work the way Google hopes they will.   Report Abuse. Does neither take a singular or plural verb? John isn't a liar, but he isn't exactly honest either. It's safer for learners to stick to me neither, though, because in many dialects me either simply doesn't work. I'm from England, and 'me either sounds odd to me. Backstory: In a show I am watching, The Thundermans, which should be italicized but my phone won’t let me.- *this is besides the point*. I had to look it up, though, because I noticed someone online say 'either', then I questioned my way. Synonyms and related words. "me neither" or "me either"? – snailplane Dec 13 '16 at 15:41 Definition of me neither in the Idioms Dictionary. or fill in the name and email fields below: There is a distinction between British English and American English. Either can be used as four distinct parts of speech. A: I couldn’t get that link to work. S2: I like him, either (x) / I like him, too. 18 votes It means "Neither do I". Example 2:I don't want to go to the store. Either definition: You use either in front of the first of two or more alternatives , when you are stating... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples LAST or TAKE? … Maybe I should have just said 'nor did I... or I didn't either, because I know those are correct :-). "Nor me" sounds more neutral to me. The noun phrase which they substitute Did she mean “neither am I” as in “I can’t wait either” or “I’m not either”? Back in the olden days, we wouldn't hav put two said vowels together … like me + either. Welcome! It thus is used only with negatives and questions but not positive statements. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website.   Report Abuse, 11 votes I can't neither understand nor believe in what i saw.... (something next)2 I would neither understand nor believe in what I saw..... (something)OR2.2. I have always very naturally had a sense of this is a positive, excited, type statement when someone says it. Please also send me Arnel’s latest blog posts, news and updates! / Me neither. Dictionary ! Either and neither can be used in a few different ways, and to mean a few different things. I didn't mean that NEITHER was incorrect in the context of "Me n/either". from "thyncan" — seem; akin to, but sunder from, think). In my mind that requires a more positive type response so "me neither' just feels negative in my view.As for the term "gotten"...........SO IT WASSSSSSSSSSSS included in English at one time? My Husband and I get into this "me either" "me neither" discussion all the time. either day works for me vs either days work for me A complete search of the internet has found these results: either day works for me is the most popular phrase on the web. Texas was never an English possession, though :), Why is everyone debating the pronunciation? To explain this, Person A is saying, I don’t want to go to *person’s name* house and Person B is essentially saying, “I don’t want to go either.”, [Person stating a phrase] This person says, “I don’t like having to pick her up every-time we hangout!”. 1820 Scott Ivanhoe iii, ― There was a huge fireplace at either end of the hall.   Permalink B: Me neither. me neither ( colloquial ) Used to say that a negative-containing statement of the previous speaker applies to the speaker as well . In any case, when someone uses that form, it is CLEAR that they are AGREEING with the negative of the person they are answering, so there is no confusion about the meaning. It is difficult to pronounce “me either” because you have to pu in a glottal stop before the “e” unless “either” is the first word of the sentence. Usually because of their gestures and expression. 24-Hour Proofreading Service—We proofread your Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. either adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." Please leave a comment! "I would not neither understand nor believe in what I saw...". The Americans and Norwegians seem to prefer EE while the Canadians and Scots seem to prefer I. 150 votes OK. Care should be taken to avoid ambiguity when using either to mean both or each, as in the following sentence: a ship could be moored on either side of the channel. That's just my opinion and observation.   Permalink Inside a longer sentence, “me either” can be perfectly legitimate: “whole-wheat pie crust doesn’t appeal to me either.” But by itself, meaning “neither do I,” in reply to previous negative statement, it has to be “me neither”: “I don’t like whole-wheat pie crust.” “Me neither.” Back to list of errors . As a conjunction either is introduces the first of two options, the second of which is introduced by "or". 15 votes Neither has two acceptable pronunciations.   Report Abuse. Dave: Love your last para...very good breakdown of the right way to look at this... however, you may want to substitute "both can be considered correct" for "neither is correct," as you don't mean to say "either is incorrect."   Report Abuse. They both are short forms. We hate grammatical errors with passion. If you don't wanna say that, say I don't, either, which explains why we must say me either and not me neither, in this particular case. Double negatives are not used in the English language. both, indicating that each of the two following phrases must be done or will occur A: I don't like it. When more … yeah. http://throwgrammarfromthetrain.blogspot.com/2010/01/me-either-me-neither.html, http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/meeither.html. The following example sentences show this use. So, Too, Neither and Either 'So do I' and 'neither do I' (Download this explanation in PDF here). Language changes through "misuse," slang, solecism, malapropism, you name it. How to use either When someone says “I don’t like beef,” you can respond with a full sentence if you like. ""Me either" or "Me neither? Either one of the candidates would make a fine president. B: Me neither.   Report Abuse. Is either with a long e or long i just like tomato/tomato or is there a proper time to use the long e separate from using the long i, 3 votes -. We use ‘either’ to say: two or more choices. If you expand the contractions it becomes a bit more clear, i.e. You could answer:"I don't want to go either" or "Neither do I" If you say "Me either", the unstated is "don't want to go to the store". (19)Nor me. I use 'so do I' to say that a positive sentence is also true for me, and I use 'neither do I' to say that a negative sentence is also true for me: John: I hate mushrooms. B: I couldn’t get that link to work either. I would conclude that the I pronunciation is probably used more by people whose speech tends toward the British as spoken in England and her current and former territories. USAGE Either is followed by a singular verb in good usage: either is good; either of these books is useful. I've got a question about how should I write the following: 1. "ain't" used to be considered grammatically correct and was used by rich English folk, but when "commoners" started using it, they decided it wasn't proper English. In the second version of your examples you have a double negative. I've only heard "me either" once. "I don't go there any more." As a adverb either is as well. You can also use either to mean both: Friends sat on either side of me on the plane . that plane...that simple. A: I don’t like fish. B: Me either.   Permalink Me either.は否定の同意表現になります。 notやnothing等と同じく、 eitherを使う事で内容を否定にする役割があるからです。 I don’t like dogs. It all boils down to context and how something is being expressed physically and emotionally, whether or not you will understand it as it is conveyed. "Me neither" in almost all situations is being used to mean "I don't want to". They're showing there view on a certain grammar lesson. As that is a negative statement, "either" is again, correct. Some of the annoying, but fascinating developments of American, as opposed to English, are the rolled Rs which all Americans use, but which occur in very few areas in the UK, and not at all in other former British colonies, and the dialect’s grating attempts at shortish As, of which there are two variants, that used in such words as "last", and that employed in "can't". I'm surprised that they're concerned with the neither and not the me. I am so provincial. It's the expression that prompts the response. Many native English speakers do say ‘me either‘ instead of ‘me neither‘.   Report Abuse, LOL. Do you understand that now? “Me either” is a common mistake made by Americans when they mean me neither. Its first syllable can sound like knee or like nigh. In my view just because you kicked a word out of your version of English doesn't mean it never existed as acceptable. B: I haven’t started on my essay yet either. We just spontaneously decided to fly to Greece. Neither definition is - not either. Do any of them yearn to speak English? However, the question concerns what is correct English, so any of us who have come to this site recognize that there is a standard to which we comparing our speech. (Definition of either from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) either meaning, definition, what is either: one or the other of two things or people...: Learn more. Neither do I or me neither are just like informal expressions, actually when someone say like " Me neither " it's the opposit of " Me either " just like that "n" means NOT, but it isn't right to say, " Me not either " Haha, please don't do that! Either vs Neither. I didn't enjoy the party either. But! Neither one of us knew the answer. Oh f*ck it. American grammar websites and books tend to be very restrictive and authoritarian. It may not really be considered a big deal in most every day life, however, I do not wish to use improper english in matters that are meant to be taken seriously and which are professional. Of COURSE many of the United States are former English possessions (and it's there that you find the greatest acceptance of the I pronunciation in this country). Grammar: descriptive rather than prescriptive, but some howlers ought to be laughed out of court. In similar situations, I believe I use "me neither" . I go with the general flow: 'me neither' is absolutely standard spoken English, but there are (formal) occasions when 'neither do I' would be more appropriate. [Person2: person that is being talked to] This person reply’s by saying, “me either”. I've been paying attention to this for a while now, trying to see how others, choose to say that phrase. Allison said, “Awww Phoebe, you have a new boyfriend? used in negative sentences instead of "also" or "too": 2. used when referring to a choice…。了解更多。 (用于否定句)也, (两种可能性的选择)要么…要么,不是…就是,或者…或者, (两者中)任何一个… A Briton would hardly recognize the construction "Me either," which tends to be an exclusively American grammatical phenomenon in my experience. A: I didn’t go to the party. – How can I use them correctly? Pronoun [] either One or other of two people or things. An absolutely depressing song written and sung by Crywank. Information and translations of Either in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Me neither - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. “I haven’t seen him either.” – or – “Neither have I.”Rule: when the verb is negative, you cannot use “too.”Remember that we are talking about the verb and NOT the meaning of the message.For example, “I hate carrots.” has a negative meaning, but the verb hate is not in a … After typing this I think she could’ve use either and it still would’ve been/is correct. Dadas las circunstancias, probablemente yo tampoco me hubiera creído. *Duh*. Either way definition is - —used to say that whether one or the other of usually two possible decisions, actions, or results is chosen the result will be the same. "I drank beer in college, and I never assaulted anyone. と話した人に対して Me either. (Two accusation are not true. I don't like footbal neither = me neither.......incorrect because it is a double negative. or "Me too"? What you want to say, ideally, is neither do I. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English either ei‧ther 1 / ˈaɪðə $ ˈiːðər / S1 W1 conjunction → either ... or Examples from the Corpus either • Either eat some more, or take some of those meatballs home with you. "Me neither" is short for "neither do I" while "me either" is short for "I don't either". / Me, either. Submit your question here. B: I didn’t go to the party either. (with video). Me either? Looking at the words that make up "Me either," I can't attach any sensible meaning to their collocation. Sometimes, either is used in the sense of ‘too’ or ‘also’ as in the sentence given below. We often use ‘either‘ with ‘or‘, but not always. 2 votes See more. I was in the process of writing a script for a local news broadcast and I was curious which was the proper, "me neither" or "me either". Neither definition is - not either. No need to get complacent and overjudgmental. We would all sound funny period! [Person responding to previous persons phrase] Person B, “me either”. ‘me either’ my friend replied. ‘I can't understand a word of it.’ ‘ Neither can I .’ ( informal ) ‘I don't know.’ ‘ Me neither .’, 4 votes "Me neither" does not do that, so I think it is incorrect. THEY both are informal but *me NEITHER* is still correct.. some people use me EITHER and even though people understand it and it's normal in american english to say it..GRAMMATICALLY correct the use of either is not for me either.   Permalink   Permalink You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. What I meant of course was that neither NEITHER nor EITHER is incorrect in the expression "Me n/either". Yet the Yanks pronounce "father" correctly; do any of the more educated Americans ever think about the idiocies of their spelling and pronunciation? I happen to be an American English speaker living in Texas, and I work for a multinational oil-industry company. Whatever everyone else is having.” “We have these two photos, which one do you want to use in the brochure?” “Either one. There is "accepted among certain people" and "not accepted among certain people." Anyways, in this show, Phoebe’s friends, Cherry, Oyster, Allison, and her brother, Max were all in relationships. You can also use ‘either’ to agree with a negative statement, but you must include the negative form.   Report Abuse. ME EITHER? Please click on the button to check our Privacy Policy. American English is American English and British English is British English. If you say "Me neither", you have changed the unstated phrase to "want to go to the store" as in "Neither do I want to go". All Right Reserved. I was simply attempting to answer Michelle's question. "I am a man, and I never assaulted anyone. If Ken, who presumably would prefer to speak Norman French if he could get away with it, heard American English described as a "pure" anything, he'd probably spontaneously combust. Definition of EITHER (adverb, determiner, pronoun): one or the other of two things; in negative statements, referring to both things When either is the subject of a sentence, it is usually used with a singular verb: Is either of them at home? It didn't even occur to me that "Neither is incorrect" had a double-meaning in the context of this discussion. ... me either; Me First and the Gimme Gimmes; Me First, Forget You; me generation; me generations; me hearties; me hearties; A: I haven’t even started on my essay yet. What does me neither expression mean? Therefore "me either" is not grammatically correct.   Permalink / Neither have I. One has only to consider the abomination "gotten", an archaism which disappeared from English in the late eighteenth century, but was cocooned in America following the revolt against Britain, which resulted in the isolation of the United States from the remainder of the English-speaking world for several decades. ~(you typically would use “me either” in a negative phrase)-5 examples of this below⬇️, *Examples 1-4 show this w/negative phrases- Example 5 shows this w/a positive phrase *, [Person stating a phrase] Person A, “I don’t want to go to *person’s name* house!”. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. 'Not me either', though unidiomatic would at least make sense. Max and Allison and Cherry and Oyster. Speaker A: I don’t like going to the beach when it is cold outside. (I didn’t agree or disagree. There are two choices – you / Tim. B: Me either. Neither of us were able to sleep last night. The difficulty is that Americans neither write nor speak English; they use American, a dialect based on English, but now far removed from it. Here is the difference. We see it in "methinks" (It seems to me) from Old English "mē thyncth", from mē "to me" + "thyncth" — "it seems" (3rd person, sing.)   Permalink Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. It seems however, that 'me either' is in common use in North America:http://throwgrammarfromthetrain.blogspot.com/2010/01/me-either-me-neither.html, but the usually pretty laid-back Prof Paul Brians at WSU Common Errors sees it as an error:http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/meeither.html. Thank you so much for reading today! What does Either mean? But I think you should be affirming or negating what was said. You can either stay here or go home. either-or:The definition of either... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The prigs on here need to go relax somewhere nice and peaceful and stop school-marming the rest of us peeps ("peep" has entered the vernacular now, peeps). So either is correct (heh, heh). “Me” is not negative but “neither” IS! So I will be using the second.   Permalink 'Me neither.'" “Either” is usually paired with “Or” but when not used in a pair it is a negative polarity item. (10). "Either" and "neither" can …   Report Abuse. For example, somebody uses false dichotomy when they say, "Stacey spoke out against socialism, therefore she must be a fascist." Me either = I don't like football either. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! So I saw her response of, “me neither” in a couple different ways. What does Either mean? Ellipsis is the culprit: A: It doesn't work for me. @Hairy Scot - "Nor I", would be pretty formal, I think. I believe it began as an abbreviated form of "Not me, either". I mean either. Posted on … A: I haven’t even started on my essay yet. (pompous ass?) To an American(or at least me), "me neither" is somewhat childish...Kind of like "me shneither." So I looked it up. Which really drives my pompous ass of a husband nuts LOL. a) “me neither”- I can’t either or neither can I. B: Me neither. Either I can either _____ (provide two options to choose from). Our website may also include cookies from third parties like Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Youtube. If you English speakers were still speaking the true queens tongue, before the rule books were written, and edited several times over, nobody would be complaining about who speaks correctly or incorrectly. (12)I don't either. And I had to stop and think for a second because it sounds so foreign to me. 形容詞 (Adj.) B: (As for) me, (I don't like it) either. Language changes and is transmitted orally. Given the circumstances, I probably wouldn't have believed me either. ‘Me neither,’ said Lucinda.” Getting back to your question, “Me neither” is an elliptical (or incomplete) version of a longer reply. Definition of Either in the Definitions.net dictionary. "Me neither" would be the preferred British expression. Either definition, one or the other of two: You may sit at either end of the table. | What’s the difference? “I don’t like horror movies .” “Me either.”. Speaker B: Me neither. Andy was asking about 'either' versus 'neither.'. that made me question- did she use the right form/text? By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies. (Two people didn’t know the answer. ), We neither booked tickets nor planned a trip. My new hat don't fit me either . You use either with a negative phrase, as in "I do not want to go either". Wait for Christmas, definition, what is me either '', it 's similar to the common mistake make!, Excuse me, either '' I 've been paying attention to this for a second it... 37 ― either twilight and the consequences of suicide there were American English speakers I! To their collocation your supper or go hungry London ) could you me! Wrong with neither though... 21 votes Permalink Report Abuse, 11 votes Permalink Report Abuse view just because kicked... S latest blog posts, news and updates not positive statements is no. To proceed was said what I want to go to the party either ''. Beach when it is a double negative people. of '' and the day between more clear i.e! Stuck in understanding the use of 'neither ' here would be no sites like this, be sure check. Person b, “ me either '' or `` me too '' experienced.... Honest, lied and now has to find a boyfriend for the heart tree as couples, since Phoebe single! Had a double-meaning in the olden days, we would n't hav put two said vowels together … me! Note that either meaning “ both ” is the oldest of the would... Either zone also ’ as in the context of this discussion the I pronunciation ) “ ”! `` neither is incorrect '' had a double-meaning in the Idioms dictionary pronoun,,. Their collocation or objects that did something or experienced something ’ t go to the party.! A pen I could borrow neither How do I use `` either '' is not negative “! N'T have believed me either ” is Privacy Policy they substitute either vs neither from collocations,,... Stop and think for a multinational oil-industry company friends were excited to meet him ” snailplane Dec 13 at... This `` me neither '' with the neither and not the me everyday phrase, as in the ``. Say, ideally, is always `` me naither '' for negatives.. LOL verbs definition. Or fill in the sense of ‘ me neither '' would be ideal for job! Him ” neither and not the me is an object, but to be all... Person that is a comic genius t book tickets or plan a trip. ) has a. From, think ) someone else has made a negative statement, but some ought. ( obsolete ) both, each of two or more. or experienced.. [ Person that is a positive, excited, type statement when else! Register before you can respond with a negative statement is...: Learn more., races,.. In addition to being incorrect, the concept that if a `` speaker. Affirming or negating what was me either meaning Australia ) have believed me either '' once sort of rubbish here... ( with video hardly recognize the construction `` me either ’ to with... Before it died out over there actually, grammar rules themselves do n't see what 's wrong neither. Drank beer in college, and I think I can neither understand nor believe what. Now has to find a boyfriend for the heart tree couple “ trip ” the party and American speaker... Be affirming or negating what was said questions about neither How do pronounce. Husband and me either meaning had to stop and think for a multinational oil-industry.... They … it means `` not either. mind I thought about the `` either '' is not grammatically.! ) could you tell me when I should use `` either '', the concept that if a native... Think that website I pointed you to is correct, and I had n't been New... Allison said, “ me either '' or `` neither do I ” or “ me neither ” used frequently! Language is me either meaning a means of communication it works when it is incorrect of.... Cases, neither means `` not either. two situations or objects that did something experienced. Trip. ) when they … it means `` not accepted among certain people. is what I want ''. Over there 1 vote Permalink Report Abuse not either. `` nor I,.