For more information on how our online interviews will work, what you’ll need, and how to set up for your interview, please visit our online interviews page. Interview information: Cambridge UK remote interviews will be held on various dates from 4th to 18th December. Admissions Interviews for those invited to a remote interview by the College in Cambridge. – Said every history interviewee, ever. I don’t even know what this question means, any geography students want to explain? Law students have been asked this in the past, and I’m not sure if “very” is sufficient. Test to see if you could get in. It’s no secret that Cambridge University interview questions are hard. pages linked below. 1 . VOTE: Once and for all, which was 2020’s best meme? Oxford and Cambridge candidates will no longer do face-to-face interviews this year, as the universities move them online. Likely interview date: One day in the week commencing 7th December 2020 Yes? Please note, there have been some changes to the Cambridge pre-interview assessments for 2020. I mean, it’s Cambridge – you don’t expect it to be an easy place to get into right? With admissions interviews just a week away we sought the insight from the founders of InsideUni, a free website containing advice and tips from students. Due to covid-19, interviews will be administered online this year. Not all candidates who are interviewed will be successful/made an offer of a place, but all those who are made an offer will have been interviewed. The pre-interview written assessments are organised by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and are taken at an authorised centre. Though interviews will take place via video call, the content will still be the same as in-person interviews. (Sometimes even more so for the parents). Frequently asked A frank and candid interview on the day the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their engagement. Interview Notes Please Note: This year's interviews will be held between Monday 9th December and Thursday 19th December. About the Interviews. “Going into the interviews, I was expecting more of a general chat. You can find out more about Cambridge interviews on the What do interviews involve? Cambridgeshire Live has put together 18 of the most bizarre Cambridge University interview questions ever, and they really are something. Should we invite you for interviews, these will most likely take place from Monday 7 December to Friday 11 December 2020, with some interviews possible to happen between 14 and 18 December. 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All applicants will be sent a survey to obtain information on what technology you have access to and we will ensure that appropriate arrangements are made so that remote interviews can proceed for all applicants invited for interview. Applicants should be aware that sharing of admissions assessment or interview questions either during or after the admissions cycle is strictly prohibited. and How should I prepare? January 2021. At-interview assessments will also be conducted remotely in 2020. I mean, I wouldn’t want it to happen to me? English – Cambridge Interview Questions “How can I prepare when the interviewer could ask me absolutely anything about English?” By understanding how the interview works and, crucially, what it is that the interviewer is looking for. 25 January 2021 Like any standard interview, your Oxbridge interview may kick-off with an utterly predictable 'ice-breaker' question intended to put you at your ease. If you're applying to study Architecture, Classics, Economics, History of Art, or Music, you're advised to apply to be interviewed by the Colleges in the Cambridge interview period. Though interviews will take place via video call, the content will still be the same as in-person interviews. Prospective students will be … In previous years, this has been around 75% of UK/EU applicants overall (though this varies between courses) and involves more than 20,000 interviews in each admissions round. More on TSR: Ask questions about the University of Cambridge Talk about Cambridge colleges Cambridge applicants 2020 discussion. University and Colleges work, Care leavers and estranged students overview, College vacancies and course restrictions, Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) overview, Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA), Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) overview, Events for care leavers and estranged students, Oxford and Cambridge: the similarities and differences, Cambridge Interviews Myths #GoingToCambridge, How the University You’re in an interview for Cambridge University, so probably. Cambridge interviews are often the most dreaded part of making an application to Cambridge, but there's no reason why they have to be. Generally speaking, Oxford or Cambridge interview questions typically break down into four broad kinds. The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through education, learning and research at the highest international level. Do you even speak properly? Applicants should be able to comfortably achieve the minimum English language requirements by the time of interview. Are veterinary students actually expected to know niche facts like this or??? If you’ve been binging true crime documentaries you might actually have an answer for this one. Questions from ITV News's political editor Tom Bradby. This is the interview period for applicants invited for interview in Cambridge (although interviews will be administered online). But who knew the questions hopefuls get asked are quite literally impossible? We DO NOT support or encourage any of these commercial enterprises. People are talking about this article Have your say. December interviews in Cambridge. The content of your interview will be the same as if it was in person. The selection process will go on for a number of days, and you may be interviewed by more than one college. questions, How the • Take this 2019 GCSE quiz and realise you deserve no qualifications. Applicants could inadvertently disadvantage their own application by engaging in this practice. Interview Dates: Interviews will take place remotely in Hong Kong on 1-4 December and 7 December 2020. November 2020. Natural science wannabes would hopefully have a sensible answer. Nope. Instead, it was very much, ‘Do this problem. The first section is general information (starting on page 2) 1) December interviews 2) Written assessments 3) Graphics tablets 4) Applicants being interviewed by the overseas interview teams ... Cambridge for the interview. If you do have an unavoidable commitment during that time, please let us know of it … Law students in the past have been asked this one. It's very likely that your local authorised centre will be your school/college - check with your school/college - otherwise, you'll need to find an open authorised centreinstead. Non seedless. 7 - 17 December : PLEASE NOTE: it may be necessary to incorporate further dates as the interviews will be delivered remotely in 2020. Over 1000 past questions to help you prepare for your interview and get into Cambridge Another one for the lawyers among us. Honestly Cambridge, let the medicine students live. You will find out by late November/early December if you have been invited for a Cambridge interview. Candidates are asked to keep this period free to aid scheduling of interviews. Likely interview date: One day in the week commencing 14th December 2020. via Engineering. In 2020-21, we’ll be interviewing applicants online to minimise COVID-related risks to our applicants, students and staff. From an Archaeology and Anthropology interview, obvs. We're aware of private companies and individuals who offer, at a charge, information and advice on our admissions process, assessments and interviews. Admissions decisions at the University of Cambridge are based solely on academic criteria – your ability and your potential. Cambridge University applicants should balance phone on cans for admissions interview Nicola Woolcock , Education Editor Friday December 11 2020, 12.00pm , The Times 1. Please note that all interviews in 2020-21 will be conducted online, so travel to Cambridge will not be required. Practice interview questions for interviews at Cambridge University. Yet again, this question was faced by medicine students. In this film, we invited four successful applicants back to Cambridge to share their interview experiences. We will begin inviting selected applicants to attend remote interviews … December 2020. Those among the 16,000 applying to the exclusive university this year may want to start revising these questions Just a list of every time universities mugged off students this year, 2020 may have been the worst, but here are 17 amazing things that happened this year, Quiz: Finish the lyrics of these Little Mix bangers to prove you’re their number one fan, Only a cotton-headed ninnymuggins will score less than 13/15 in this Elf trivia quiz, Every single Love Actually storyline, ranked by how badly it’s aged, There are 30 iconic Christmas songs and I bet you can’t name half of them, Here’s how to do the ‘Netflix Wrapped’ you’ve seen all over TikTok, This calculator tells you exactly when you’re likely to get your Covid vaccine, Jerry Harris pleads not guilty to seven child sex charges, MiC’s Freddie Browne compares himself to racist Tory Enoch Powell in Instagram story, This country’s obsession with pigs in blankets need to stop, These are the celebrity chefs with the most expensive houses. Courses with pre-interview written assessments for 2020 For preparation materials, click on the assessment name in the table. Read the Pre-interview and Interview Notesdocument very carefully and make note of anything you are required to do. Let’s hope none of the social and political students who got asked this were from the Midlands, because implications in this are just straight up rude. Pre-interview and interview notes for applicants October 2020 . • Are you actually smart enough to get into Oxbridge? Early January: Winter pool takes place and decisions posted to applicants. Example Oxbridge Interview Questions. 2020 interviews are likely to be held between 30 November and 16 December 2020 but these dates may be extended to include both earlier and later dates. In 2020-21, we’ll be interviewing applicants online so that we can minimise COVID-related risks to our applicants, students and staff. Article by … At your interview: As for Engineering plus a 30 minute Chemistry interview. Firstly I want to know why the interviewee would chuck a pen across the room for no reason, and secondly I want to know what relevance this has to anything a medicine student would need to know? This is a question for natural science questions and I don’t know where I’d start either. Are you actually smart enough to get into Oxbridge? • Do you even speak properly? Yes, natural science hopefuls at Cambridge have actually been asked how they would respond if their interviewer magically transformed into a magpie. Like, are some of these trick questions? For full details of the entry requirements for your course, please check the University of Cambridge website. A reasonable standard of spoken English is expected at interview in order for you to be able to express/describe your ideas and thoughts during the discussions. If English isn't your first language, during the admissions process our Admissions Tutors will be looking for indications that your language skills are sufficient for you to undertake a fast-paced course that's taught and examined in English. For 2021 entry, the pre-interview written assessments will be taken on 4 November 2020 in the UK. I mean, I guess? Now do this problem,’ which I’ve come to realise is quite common for Physical Natural Science interviews.” Harry S, Natural Sciences, Cambridge Conclusion. Applicants taking the pre-interview written assessments overseas must check the Cambridge Assessm… If you're shortlisted for interview you'll be invited to stay for a few nights at one of the Oxford of Cambridge colleges. The most popular dictionary and thesaurus for learners of English. Emails inviting applicants to interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period. See what you’d have to say if you suddenly had these thrown at you. I just know I’d waffle about Ratatouille or food or something in a nervous panic. 7 curious questions Cambridge University asks candidates during interviews. This question has been asked to potential medicine students, who hopefully had a more in depth response. Preparing for Cambridge interview questions is not an easy task. and Colleges work. Help with 2020 Oxbridge Interview Preparation. This video shows a mock admissions interview for the Cambridge BA Tripos Degree in Law, conducted at Trinity College, Cambridge in November 2017. I honestly don’t know where I’d start if faced with some of these. What are the slightly irrelevant cast of Mean Girls up to now? Interview dates 2020 Interviews in Cambridge for students applying to King's in 2020 (for 2021 or deferred 2022 entry) will in most cases take place between 7 - 11 and 14-18 December 2020. It’s just plain mean to ask law students one of the hardest and deepest questions known to man. It’s another question which has been put in front of medicine students. The Most Common Cambridge Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. Visit the official Cambridge interviews thread 2020. If travel to Cambridge for interview is required, the Colleges are pleased to provide support for travel costs to students who meet one of the following criteria: a) are/have been in local authority care for any period of time, b) are currently eligible for Free School Meals AND who attend a UK maintained sector school or college, c) are mature applicants currently eligible for benefits that would entitle any dependent children to Free School Meals. Take this pronunciation quiz to find out, How to get into hundreds of art galleries and museums for FREE. There are so many possible things that they could ask. Take this pronunciation quiz to find out, Make 2021 a year to remember and get your Student Art Pass today, It’s the out of date self-isolation meals for me, Harry Styles and Paul Mescal literally saved 2020, The octopus is the only winner of this film, You can see how much you’ve watched this year, The man who famously feared that black people would rise up to rule over whites, Absolutely no one needs pigs in blankets E-liquid, I am once again asking you to choose the best meme of the year, She still lives in the house they bought together, Including the percentages everyone is using, Take this 2019 GCSE quiz and realise you deserve no qualifications. The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. Meanings and definitions of words with pronunciations and translations. Before the interview: sit the pre-interview assessment for Engineering on 5th November. Don’t ask me why I just would. Along with all the other information you provide, interviews help Admissions Tutors to assess your application. Economics students have been asked this one in the past, not sure why they need to know this but there we go. 18 of the most bizarre and basically impossible questions which have been asked in a Cambridge University interview. None of these companies/individuals has access to any information that's not already available free of charge to all schools, colleges and individual students from College admissions offices, the Cambridge Admissions Office or Cambridge Students' Union; and we're unable to verify the accuracy of the information these companies/individuals may provide. The majority of interviews in Cambridge take place in the first three weeks of December (some may be a little earlier). 4 and 5 November: BMAT, ELAT and other pre-interview assessments taken. This section will tell you a bit more about why we interview and what the interviews will be like. The Duke of Cambridge says a new investigation into how the BBC secured an interview with his mother in 1995 is "a step in the right direction". 1. However, to help guide you through, we’ve put together some common Cambridge interview questions to look out for. Please note that all interviews in 2020-21 will be conducted online, so travel to Cambridge will not be required. The Colleges will contact eligible applicants directly with further information when they're invited to interview. Interviews in 2020 will be conducted remotely due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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