Refund On Pro Accounts.

As Remnant.One is a labor of love, ministry endeavor we do ask for help from users "member remnant ones" to partner with us to help financially support this website, our team of web developers and administrators and the needed server upgrades & bandwidth as it ever increases with each new sign up. The Pro account feature is for those who do wish to be a founding member with a tiered level of support. This support is considered a reoccurring donation and not a subscription to the Pro Account which does have added benefits and ministry opportunities. However, even though it is considered a donation, if circumstances have changed and you can no longer be a financial supporter, we understand and can switch you over to a regular member/user. We normally can not issue any refunds because as the funds come in, they are sometimes immediately allotted to designated payments to keep the server and website maintained or to Administrators who are given a stipend for the amount of work they do for the Remnant.One website and it's community. However, if unseen circumstances have put our support member in dire straits and they truly need a refund for the current month that was on a reoccurring payment, we will take it into consideration and may issue a refund. The refund can only be limited to the last or current monthly charge for whatever monthly tiered support plan the member is on. The member will switch over to a regular Remnant.One user account and can at anytime become a Pro Account Member again. However, multiple refund requests will indicate that the member may need to only operate as a regular member. We know God is the one who ultimately supplies and provides for the ministry, using His dear, generous saints most often. We know circumstances do sometimes become drastic and out of our control so we will take all this in consideration. Thank you for understanding our refund policy. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to Heath Goodman, Administrator,

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