ticket to heaven

Joining the Remnant.one community is so freakin easy and beneficial! All you have to do is repent and believe the gospel and your in for all eternity! Isn't that beautiful and amazing! What love is this that a King would die for me?

Do you understand the precious gospel? Here is a very beautiful and profound gospel video presentation that will surely touch your heart and give you a real understanding of this amazing salvation!

A Bridge To Somewhere!

If you are a true believer (we are not talking about religious people who just go to church or hypocrites and sin loving folks who may claim to be a Christian but do not walk in the light and love the fellowship of true believers), we are talking about sincere, God fearing, sin hating, humble and yet not perfect people, who strive to love God and others as Jesus taught. A remnant people, the chosen few who as Revelation 12:17 says, makes the devil real angry because not only do they have the "testimony of Jesus Christ" but they also love "to honor and obey God's Word". What sets a remnant believer apart from the vast majority is that they are sincere in their faith and love towards God and all men, both believers and unbelievers.

To join the Remnant.one community, you need a member to invite you with an invitation code. This keeps much of the spammers and trolls out and also is a more authentic way of filtering out people who may not have sincere intentions. But even though it is a private community, it is very open, accomodating and accepting of those true believers or genuine seekers (not yet Christians) who would like to join. So if you don't know a member here, reach out to our administrator staff by emailing us at; admin@remnant.one and we will contact you back to interview you. Don't worry it's not a grueling deep judgmental inquisition into every aspect of your life. We just want to get to know you a little better, to know your testimony and faith in Christ... or your seeking to become a Christian. Afterwards, we will send you an invitation code that you can use when you initially register. 

The social platform is very similar to Facebook but BETTER! 😉

You can go to pages to check out tutorials on all the exciting features and some to come later as we continue to grow.
We welcome everyone and as Paul the apostle once said, "I wish all men to have the faith that I have..." So we invite you to please come, be apart and with Jesus, the living and true Messiah, we can learn together to love God and people! God bless you, friends!